The NLC will hold abundant "World Book and Copyright Day" activities

23 April 2017 will be the 22nd World book and Copyright Day. In order to better fulfill the mission of "advocating nationwide reading, establishing scholarly society", the NLC will organize award presentation of the 12th Wenjin Book Awards, carry out Wenjin books reading promotion activity, interactive activities with walk-in readers, and so on, serving nationwide reading.

Announcing the award-winning books of the 12th Wenjin Book Awards

The selection work of the 12th Wenjin Book Awards was initiated in December 2016, and the reviewed books were Chinese books which were published by publishing originations approved by State Publishing Administrative Department from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 in China.

In the recommendation period, the 12th Wenjin Book Awards received more than 1,800 titles of books recommended by experts, libraries, publishing houses and readers, an increase of 20% over the previous year. Among them, more than 500 titles of books were recommended by more than 100 publishing houses. As joint review institutions, 64 public libraries and university libraries attended the recommendation process.

The organizing committee held preliminary review in February 2017, and held final review in March 2017. Through libraries review, media review and experts review, 54 titles of books were selected finally. Among them, there were 36 titles of original books and 18 titles of translations; there were 22 titles of original books and 7 titles of translations in social sciences, 8 titles of and original books and 7 titles of translations in sciences, 6 titles of original books and 4 titles of translations for children.

In the afternoon of 23 April, the NLC will hold the award ceremony of the 12th Wenjin Book Awards in Xuejin Lecture Hall, the NLC North Area. Meanwhile, the exchange activity of "Culture Walking, Reading in Haidian" was kicked off. It was a nationwide reading series activity, which was sponsored by the NLC, Publicity Department of Haidian District Party Committee and Beijing MTR Corporation Limited, and aimed to further enlarge social influence and arouse the public's reading consciousness.

In addition, the NLC initiated the activity of prize voting for the most popular books of the 12th Wenjin Book Awards. This activity was issued via the NLC official Wechat. From 7 April to 20 April, readers can vote for their most popular books via WeChat from the 54 titles of selected books, and the voting result will be announced in the award ceremony of the 12th Wenjin Book Awards.

Carrying out Wenjin books reading promotion activity

In order to guide readers to read good books, enlarge the public participation in Wenjin Book Awards, the NLC initiated Wenjin books reading promotion activity in the middle of March, which invited 120 directors and librarians of 12 libraries from Hebei, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Sichuan and so on, to act as initiators, carrying out reading relay and sharing reading experiences. Through the process of online registration, background selection and Wenjin books sending, this activity will achieve reading relay in the society, and deliver more than 150 titles of 1,000 volumes of award-wining and recommended books. These books are sponsored by award-winning publishing houses. Up to present, these books have promoted in more than 20 provinces and cities, and many readers have given wonderful book reviews after reading.

Interactive activities for walk-in readers during the period of World Book and Copyright Day

In the afternoon of 22 April, combining with the Exhibition of Shakespeare to Sherlock: Treasures of the British Library, the National Museum of Classic Books will organize parent-child activities (For details, please refer to the announcement of the NLC's website). On 25 April, the NLC Art Center will give a symphony concert for readers, and readers can take the tickets from the NLC Art Center for free by presenting Reader Card.

M Subway•Library: theme activity of "We have spent those years together"

On 23 April, M Subway•Library Project will launch the activity of "We have spent those years together". By combing with the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, this activity will introduce featured culture of Beijing and Hong Kong, recommend books related to films, music, dramas, history and so on, make the public understand the culture of both places, and enhance the cultural communication and exchanges. Readers can scan the QR code in the posters of each station of Subway Line 4, enter into the App of "NLC Mobile Digital Library" and read related E-books.

M Subway•Library is a non-profitable project sponsored by the NLC and Beijing MTR Corporation Limited in October 2015, which has held 6 issues of theme activity. In 2016, during the appraisal and selection of IFLA International Library Marketing Award, this project was on the shortlist of the top 10, having great effect.

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