The NLC website gets the honors of "Annual Best Website Award" and "Rapid Development Award" of 2016 the Ministry of Culture government websites construction

On 24 November, Department of General Affairs of the Ministry of Culture, Network Security and Information Leading Group Office of the Ministry of Culture issued The circular on commending advanced institutions of 2016 the Ministry of Culture government websites construction. The National Library of China (NLC) website ranked the first with the score of 91.8 among the institutions directly subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, and got the honors of "Annual Best Website Award" and "Rapid Development Award".

Recently, the Ministry of Culture commissioned the third-party assessment agency to make performance evaluation for the Ministry of Culture government websites in terms of information publicity, online services, interactive exchanges, website management and so on. The NLC website evaluation report points out that the NLC website information publicity is in good condition, news, announcements, and other information are issued timely, and featured columns present rich contents; as to online services, the website provides abundant featured services, and related search services and download services are easy to access; as to interactive exchanges, the website offers diversified and convenient interactive manners; as to website management, the website has a complete system with clear division of responsibilities, search and navigation functions are convenient and user-friendly. In addition, the NLC sets up "National Library Open Course", "Experimental Website of Chinese Memory Project", and "Japanese War Criminals Trial Historical Data Compilation", which provide abundant integrated resources, publish contents in time, and have proper presentation manners. The NLC website has demonstration effect on the construction of other libraries websites. Furthermore, the evaluation report also proposes suggestions for the shortcomings of the NLC website.

In recent years, the NLC website has been committed to the tenet of "Inherit Civilization, Serve the Society", adhered to the user-oriented principle, put efforts on optimizing resources integration revelation through concept innovation and technology innovation, satisfied users' information demands, improved digital library service level, and made it become readers' online spiritual home. The NLC website service efficiency is continuously improving, and annual hits exceeds 1.45 billion.

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