Wang Dongbo, NLC director assistant, meets with chairman of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

On 12 October, Wang Dongbo, director assistant of the National Library of China (NLC), met with Pote Narittakurn, chairman of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd., and his delegation, and received a set of photocopies of Birds of America, donated by iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

Wang Dongbo showed welcome to the delegation of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. He introduced the NLC's premises, collections, services, important projects, and so on, reviewed the long-term cooperation between both sides, and expressed thanks for the generous donation of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

Pote Narittakurn, chairman of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd., introduced the origin of Birds of America, drawn by John James Audubon, and the production process of "21st century photocopy collective edition" of Birds of America. He said that the donation of this set of photocopy books was helpful for Chinese readers to understand and research on Birds of America.

iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is one of the biggest academic and research information service providers in the Asia-pacific region. Birds of America, drawn by John James Audubon, was published as a 4-vulume series between 1824 and 1839, which was considered as the most important and beautiful color cardboard book in publishing history. This book was totally published 100 sets in the world, and this donated set was one of them.

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