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The NLC unites four large-scale public libraries to issue ancient books digital resources online 2017-03-08
China Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Association attends the launching ceremony of Chinese Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Public-welfare Project held by Caitong Securities 2017-03-02
The NLC directors extend new year greetings to readers 2017-02-04
The NLC delivers Spring Festival culture "Gift Pack" about couplets theme 2017-01-24
The launching ceremony of Digital Library of China Cultural Center is held in the NLC 2017-01-04
The unveiling ceremony of famous bibliographer Zhao Wanli's bronze statue is held in the NLC 2016-12-23
The Exhibition of Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden and Modern and Contemporary Celebrities' Paintings is held in the NMCB 2016-12-26
The unveiling ceremony of Kazakh Books Corner is held in the NLC 2016-12-16
Wei Dawei, NLC deputy director, heads a delegation to Netherlands and Germany 2016-12-15
The delegation of the National Library Board, Singapore visits the NLC 2016-12-13
The 35th business exchange between the NLC and the National Diet Library is held 2016-12-07
The NLC website gets the honors of "Annual Best Website Award" and "Rapid Development Award" of 2016 the Ministry of Culture government websites construction 2016-12-06
The Seminar on Chinese Guqin Culture is held in Beijing 2016-12-13
The NLC holds the China-South Asia Library Management and Service Seminar 2016-11-25
Chinese excellent traditional culture practice base of China National Center for Preservation and Conservation of Ancient Books is inaugurated 2016-11-25
The NLC puts efforts on establishing digitalization service platform of archives of Japan's investigation on China 2016-11-22
The Exhibition of the Oracle Bones Inscriptions is open in Mexico 2016-11-17
Liu Yandong emphasizes: exploring and utilizing national memory and red memory, promoting great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation during visiting the NLC's exhibitions 2016-11-10
The 11th Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources is held in Macao 2016-11-02
The Experience Area of National Digital Library of China is exhibited in 2016 Chinese Library Annual Conference 2016-11-04


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