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   Rules and Regulations for Juvenile Visitors
Public tours of the NLC are available for groups organized by middle schools and primary schools all year round;juveniles will be organized by the Children's Library to visit the Public Service Area at designated time every day.

1. Group visits: For group visits organized by schools, appointment and official letters are required, and the group shall be limited within 100 people.
2. Individual visit: Juveniles accompanied by their guardians can visit the Public Service Area except Reading Rooms.
3. Regular Guiding Tours: Juveniles gather in the Information Desk of the Children's Library, and then visit the Public Service Area except Reading Rooms, led by specially-assigned staff who introduces collections and services of the Library, at 10:00 am and 16:00 pm every day.

Service Desk Telephone No.: 88545426;88545360;88545080
Service Supervision Telephone No.: 88545022
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