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◆ISSN China Center Database

Once getting the ISSN, any serial publication' corresponding catalogue will be recorded simultaneously. The ISSN China Center Database was initially established in 1986. Before 1991, the data record was submitted to the ISSN China Center by means of magnetic tape. In 1992, China Center transplanted its system to a microcomputer with CDS-ISIS general search software and submitted its floppy disk to the international center. The ISSN China Center had the two functions of generating China Machine-Readable Catalogue (CNMARC) and ISSN record format and successfully realized the automatic conversion from Chinese data to Roman data. While the ISSN International Center data requirement was met, the cataloguing of Chinese serial publications' machine-readable catalogues was finished. ISSN China Center Database has over 12,000 pieces of data currently, basically covering the periodicals and parts of the yearbooks officially published in China.

◆Fixed length of ISSN

All ISSNs consist of eight numbers, which facilitates the identification and processing of the computer very much.

◆Self-check of ISSN

ISSN has the same self-check function as encoding systems, such as ISBN and CODEN,etc. The effective serial numbers of the ISSN are the first seven numbers, and the last number is a check code, which is calculated according to the first seven numbers. And the aggregate capacity of the ISSN system is 10 million.

◆Uniqueness of ISSN

According to the regulation of ISSN Manual, one ISSN can only be assigned to one serial publication, one serial publication can also be granted one fixed ISSN, and the ISSN will become the only identification code of the serial publication. Once the title of the serial publication is changed, the ISSN should also be applied again.

◆Consistency of ISSN and Key Title

The uniqueness of the ISSN is ensured depending on the key title and the ISSN. While one ISSN is assigned, the key title of the publication should be defined.

◆Internationality of ISSN

The ISSN is a standard code managed by the international center and the national center coordinately. All information of the publication assigned with the ISSN will be collected in not only the national serial publication database but also the international serial publication database, becoming the information resources shared by the whole world. Therefore, no matter in which country or region which serial publication with different languages is published, no matter through which distribution channel the serial publication is distributed, and no matter in which library or institution it is collected, once the ISSN is provided, the publication-related information can be obtained in the ISSN database.

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