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Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan
2006 - 2008


The Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation has one major goal: to ensure that significant library and archive materials, published and unpublished, in all formats will be preserved in accessible form for as long as possible. The primary role of the PAC program is to raise awareness: to make information and heritage professionals, governments and the public conscious of the fundamental position occupied by preservation in the management of an institution.

Using its Regional Centers, PAC aims to have a presence worldwide. It will be assisted at national, regional and international levels by cooperation with other professional organizations, institutions and NGOs as well as with IFLA’s professional groups, chief among which is the Section on Preservation and Conservation.

The rapidly evolving digital technologies are presenting new challenges which will be included in the activities of the program. PAC’s major strategies include training, production and dissemination of information, research and participation in the development of new standards.

Considering the risks threatening the documentary heritage, PAC intends to intensify its important efforts in disaster preparedness and preventive measures.


1. Develop and re-organize the existing network of preservation professionals
(Professional priorities : (f) Promoting resource sharing; (g) Preserving our intellectual heritage; (h) Developing library professionals)

1.1 Assist PAC Regional Centres in networking their activities:
- South Africa
- Asia
Actors: PAC Paris, PAC Cape Town, PAC Tokyo
Agenda: 2006

1.2 Evaluate PAC regional centres in the next two years
Actors: PAC Paris
Agenda: 2006-2007

1.3 Create additional PAC Centres or new partnerships within:
- North Africa: Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya (geographical area as determined by UNESCO)
- Middle East
Actors: PAC Paris
Agenda: 2007-2008

1.4 Investigate the need for specific PAC Centres in:
- Thailand
- India
Actors: PAC Paris
Agenda: 2008

2. Raise awareness of preservation issues, train staff and technicians, produce and
disseminate information, and encourage government officials, library managers and users to respect the documentary heritage
(Professional priorities : (g) Preserving our intellectual heritage; (h) Developing library professionals)

2.1 Publish PAC newsletter “International Preservation News”, and PAC collection “International
Preservation Issues” with an increased number of translations.
Actors: PAC Paris, plus PAC Regional Centers
Agenda: IPN: three per year / IPI: one per year

2.2 Reorganize the distribution of IPN within the new PAC Centres, update and develop the existing
mailing lists.
Actors: All PAC Centres
Agenda: 2006

2.3 Plan four workshops on:
- web archiving and digital resources
- maps
- film materials (negatives, microfilms, microfiches and slides)
- problems of preservation due to the climates
Actors: All PAC Centres
Agenda: 2006-2008

2.4 Plan an international symposium on electronic resources and web archiving
Actors: PAC Paris
Agenda: 1st Trimester 2007

2.5 Promote the development of disaster plans among national libraries.
Actors: PAC, Section PAC, Section on National Libraries, International Committee of the Blue Shield.
Agenda: 2006-2008

2.6 Promote preventive measures in developing countries (training, workshop).
Actors: PAC Paris, PAC Cape Town
Agenda: 2006-2008

3. Assess needs in preservation through surveys and promote the development of national and international standards, guidelines and best practice in the field of preservation
(Professional priorities : (f)Promoting resource sharing ; (g) Preserving our intellectual heritage; (h) Developing library professionals; (i) Promoting standards, guidelines and best practice)

3.1 Updating IFLA PAC Brochure (Ed. 1994)
Actors: PAC Paris + PAC Centres
Agenda: 2006

3.2 Survey on the state of non-book material collections (microfilms, microfiches, audio and video tapes, maps…)
Actors: PAC (Paris, Cape Town, Porto Novo), Africa Regional Section
Agenda: establish a questionnaire and distribute it – 2nd semester 2006

3.3 Co-operate in the elaboration of an on-line Bibliography of preservation: existing standards, guidelines, codes of best practice in preservation, in print or electronic form.
Actors: PAC, BnF, ENSSIB,
Agenda: 2008

3.4 Promote the translation of IFLA Disaster Preparedness and Planning – A brief Manuel into Portuguese,
Slovene, Italian, Greek, Arabian
Actors: National Library of Portugal, University of Ljubljana, Universita Ca’Foscari Venezia, Bank of Greece (Library Section), National Library and Archives of Cairo
Agenda: 2006-2008

3.5 Translate the IFLA Package on the Care, Handling and storage of Photographs (IPI 5) into Russian and Japanese versions
Actors: PAC Moscow, PAC Tokyo
Agenda: 2006

4. Encourage scientific research on the causes of deterioration of library documents in all formats, including digital materials and promote reformatting as a preservation option.
(Professional priorities: (b) Defending the principle of freedom of information; (f) Promoting resource sharing; (g) Preserving our intellectual heritage; (h) Developing library professionals)

4.1 Promote the use of permanent paper
Actors: PAC, Section PAC
Agenda: 2006-2008

4.2 Promote Integrated Pest Management
Actors: PAC Caracas, PAC Tokyo, PAC Cape Town
Agenda: 2006-2008

4.3 Examine current researches on web archiving and preservation of digital resources
Actors: PAC Paris, PAC Canberra
Agenda: 2006-2008




Christiane Baryla
May 2, 2006