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Advisory Board:


An Advisory Board has been set up in March 2002 whose role is as follows: "the Advisory Board would, as its name suggests, act in an advisory capacity to determine priorities and would act as an advocate to solicit financial and other support as necessary. It is envisaged that the business of the Advisory Board would largely take place by email rather than in face-to-face meetings."

Chair: Réjean Savard (Canada)

Ms Susan M. Allen (United States), Ms María Isabel Cabral da Franca (Brazil), Ms Jan Fullerton (Australia), Ms Nancy E. Gwinn (United States), Ms Deanna Marcum (United States), Ms Ellen Ndeshi Namhila (Namibia) and Lucien Scotti (France)

Staff expert: Ms Christiane Baryla
The Advisory Board first met in Glasgow during the IFLA Conference (August 2002).