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National Bibliographies in the Digital Age: Guidance and New Directions

Subject Headings for the 21st Century: the lcsh-es.org Bilingual Database

Synergy towards shared standards for ALM*: Latvian scenario (ALM*--archives, libraries, museums)

Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data—A Conceptual Model

Sharing Standards and Expertise in the Early 21st Century: Moving toward a Collaborative, "Cross-community" Model for Metadata Creation

Cross-concordances: terminology mapping and its effectiveness for information retrieval

FRBRoo: enabling a common view of information from memory institutions

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

Collaboration among producers of bibliographic data: Achievements and planned initiatives at the Italian National Bibliography

Canadiana, the national bibliography for Canada, in the digital age

The Cataloging Cultural Objects Experience: Codifying Practice for the Cultural Heritage Community

50 years of Indian National Bibliography (1958-2008): A critical study

Introducing FRSAD and Mapping with SKOS and other models

News of ISBD

Frbrisation: towards a bright future for National Bibliographies

Third edition of UNIMARC Manual: Authorities Format: Implementing concepts from the FRAD model and the IME ICC Statement of International Cataloguing Principles

UNIMARC, RDA and the Semantic Web

Identification and categorization of related works in the Persian bibliographic universe

Every reader his work, every work its title (& author): the new Italian cataloguing code

Methodological and organisational aspects of digitisation and bibliographic access of cultural heritage: the Lithuanian approach

The new Italian Cataloguing Rules (REICAT) and the UNIMARC standard: open problems and proposals for the application in library catalogues

Subject indexing in Italy: recent advances and future perspectives

The Italian National Library Service (SBN): a cooperative library service infrastructure and the Bibliographic Control

Music in Italy: catalogues and cataloguing rules for an extraordinary heritage

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