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Conference Background
The first China-US Library Conference, organized by the National Library of China and the American Library Association, was held in Beijing in August 1996, prior to the 62nd IFLA Congress. At the close of the conference, both the Chinese and American Library Associations and National Libraries agreed to take turns to hold the following serial conferences.
The 2nd Conference was held in Flushing, New York and Washington D.C in August 2001 with the theme of Strategic Policy Directions for China/US Library Cooperation.
The 3rd Conference was held in Shanghai in March 22-24 2005, sponsored by the National Library of China, the Library Society of China, American Association of Research Libraries, the Library of Congress, and hosted by Shanghai Library. About 90 experts attended the conference and 18 of them were invited to present papers. The discussion covered studies in varied fields such as digital resources construction and services, theories and practices in information and knowledge management, research in patrons’ requirements and utilizing behavior, the core value of digital library and its realization, cooperation in knowledge management and service in both countries, etc. (http://www.nlc.gov.cn/old/culc/cn/index.htm)
The 4th Conference took place on October 23-26, 2007, in OCLC headquarter, Dublin, Ohio, jointly organized by the National Library of China, the Library Society of China, Library of Congress and Association of Research Libraries. The theme was Cooperation Among Libraries, Museums, and Archives Within and Between China and the United States. 46 delegates attended the conference with 23 of them from China. (http://www.oclc.org/china-us-libraries-2007/about/default.htm)
After the 4th Conference, a coordination meeting was held by Chinese and American Organizing Committees. All participants recognized the significance of the Conference and agreed that the 5th conference would be hosted by the National Library of China in 2010.
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