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The new NLC Library of Ancient Books is the merger of NLC's Rare Books & Special Collections Department and Beihai Branch. There are over 270,000 volumes of Chinese rare books, including over 1,600 rare books in Song and Yuan Dynasties; over 1.64 million general ancient books which consist of over ten thousand titles of chronicles and 3000 titles of genealogies; over 35,000 documents in 16 minority languages; 35,000 oracle bones, over 80,000 rubbings and over 200,000 ancient and modern Chinese atlases. The NLC Library of Ancient Books has also collected over 25,000 volumes of foreign rare books, including early Western books—the incunabula. In addition, the NLC Library of Ancient Books preserves over 30,000 contemporary rare books, including books and journals in the Chinese Revolutionary Period, early translated versions of Marxism-Leninism classics, document of the Chinese Revolution and manuscripts of China's contemporary elites and more.

The collecting of ancient books is also a way to preserve and promote them. The staff in NLC Library of Ancient Books have dedicated themselves to promoting the circulation and communication of ancient books to the public. To make this treasury of knowledge more convenient for readers to access, we subsequently created and completed 500,000 pieces of bibliographic data of different ancient books, and make the most of them available online for searching and browsing. We also have made a large volume of microfilms for readers to read and browse.

At the same time, we also organize lecture series, such as "Chinese Classics and Culture" and "Wenjin Forum", and various exhibitions, in order to spread knowledge about ancient books and academic news to the public and provide them an information exchange gateway.

Please keep an eye on our website, and leave comments and suggestions on our services. We also very much welcome you to join our events.

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