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Science Reading
This database is a platform for full-text search, online browsing, downloading and borrowing of digital books of the Science Press. It contains almost all the award-winning works, academicians’ works, key series of books, and necessary classic monographs of various disciplines of the Science Press in the past 60 years, which are divided into 15 discipline categories, covering all the first-class disciplines in the five major categories of natural science, engineering and technical science, humanities and social science, medical science, and agricultural science. All books are classified according to two systems, i.e. standard subjects classification and Chinese Library Classification. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)
This database includes E-books resources, covering various disciplines, which can be accessed online. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)
China Revolution Literature Database
Developed by the National Library of China Publishing House, this database collects more than 6,300 titles of China revolution books, more than 100 titles of China revolution periodicals and more than 70 titles of China revolution newspapers. Users can browse contents by category, and can also do cross-database search. The total number of documents exceeds 1 million pages and the total capacity is 200GB. The database is an important reference for the study of the development process of the Communist Party of China in modern times.
Database of Ideological and Theoretical Resources of the Communist Party of China
This database is developed by the People's Publishing House, which has completely and systematically included the main ideological and theoretical works and documents of the Communist Party of China, covering all the classic works of Marxism-Leninism published in China, all works of the main Party and state leaders, all central documents published publicly, all national laws and regulations, and all knowledge points in the Party's ideological and theoretical field. It includes more than 17,000 titles of books and more than 70 million knowledge points. The database can quickly retrieve the required literature content. The book content is normative and authoritative, which retains the original version of paper books and can be quoted directly.
Database of Rescue Project of Chinese Rare Books
This database is to display the images of rare ancient books photocopied and published in the "Rescue Project of Chinese Rare Books", which retains the version details to the maximum. With the summary written by edition experts, it can quickly screen different versions of the same book, and display different versions side by side, so as to compare the versions and show the origin and development of the ancient books. In addition, it has seal recognition and other expanded functions. 757 titles of rare ancient books are included in Phase I. 554 titles of rare ancient books, including "Ancient Books of Ming Dynasty", "Ancient Books of Qing Dynasty", and "Ancient Books in Languages of Ethnic Minorities", are included in Phase II, with more than 260,000 pages.
Included years: Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty
General Database of Chinese Historical Documents•Early Twentieth Century Books in China, 1911-1949
This database, developed by the National Library of China Publishing House, is a sub-database of "General Database of Chinese Historical Documents". It has finished the construction of 200,000 titles of books in five phases, and all the books have achieved full-text retrieval.

Chinese Studies Classics
The database collects classics in the more than 2000 years’ history from Qin Dynasty to the Republic of China, and important research achievements on ancient books of scholars in Qing Dynasty and modern society, totaling more than 4,000 titles, which is divided into 6 sections, namely Jing Bu, Shi Bu, Zi Bu, Ji Bu, series books, and popular fiction. This database integrates Chinese ancient classics with CNKI periodicals, newspapers, doctoral dissertations, master dissertations, reference books, with the function of CNKI knowledge network node.

Apabi E-books
The National Library of China holds approximately 700,000 volumes of e-books in 350,000 titles and more than 1,000 titles of yearbooks made by Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. The e-books are legal copies from over 400 publishers and cover the entire second grade classifications of the Chinese Library Classification.

Reading China: Recommended contemporary literary works (digital)
It selects about 500 pieces of literary works since the founding of China, covering representative works of contemporary literature, such as awarded works of Mao Dun Literary Prize, Lu Xun Literary Prize, and so on. These works have profound impact on the society in different periods of new China, reflecting development trace of contemporary literature, and development vein of literary world of new China in the past 60 years.

Electronic Comics Database
It has collected about 4,000 domestic and overseas comics, which are made by comic studios or adapted by hot cartoon plot, and presented in original appearances.

Chinese Digital Comics Database
It has selected about 4,000 traditional Chinese comics, including 8 series, namely, Four Chinese Classical Masterpieces, Juveniles Reading, Chinese Idioms, Chinese Folk Tales and Legends, Chinese Historical Romance, Chinese Revolutionary History, Masterpieces Appreciation, and Celebrity Biographies, which are presented in original appearances.

Pishu Database
Based on the "Pishu Series" published by the Social Science Academic Press, this database comprehensively collects the annual report on China's economic and social development in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, covering 6 major research topics, i.e. China's economy, China's society, China's industry, China's region, China's cultural media, and world economy and international relations. The contents include books, reports, data, charts, videos, information and other resources. It covers more than 80 countries, 30 international regions and organizations, 28 provincial administrative regions, 20 regional economies, more than 100 industries, 41 first-class disciplines and 179 second-class disciplines. By November 2020, it has collected 11,302 books, 20,7000 reports and 4.74 billion characters. (For remote access users, please log in to the NLC Reader Portal to access the resources)

Si Bu Cong Kan (supplement)
Besides the contents of Si Bu Cong Kan (including 504 titles of classics), the database increases Si Bu Bei Yao (including 365 titles of classics), totaling 869 titles of classics. It is the first time to open Zhang Yuanji’s collation contents for Si Bu Cong Kan. The database can realize the quick link switching between the original rare image and the full text, and add the tools of dynasty-era conversion, ancient celebrities, official positions, ancient place names, etc., which help readers search from the perspectives of time, space and person. (For remote access users, please log in to the NLC Reader Portal to access the resources)

The Collection of Documents on Taiwan
It is co-published by Jiuzhoudao Press and Xiamen University Press, which collects about 600 pieces of historical documents on Taiwan preserved in libraries, archives and among the people in the Mainland, totaling 0.1 billion characters. It includes private writings and chronicles from Ming Dynasty to the beginning of the Republic of China, ancient books, archives, genealogies, folk files and contracts in Fujian and Taiwan, as well as ancient books not collected in Taiwan Series Documents.

Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books
The database includes masterpieces, basic documents and special works from Qin Dynasty to the Republic of China, totaling 10,000 titles of books (170,000 volumes), 12,500 editions (200,000 volumes), and 1.7 billion characters (12 million pages).

Bao Juan Xin Ji
It has collected about 400 titles of Bao Juan circulated among the people from late Yuan Dynasty to the beginning of the Republic of China.

Chinese Series Books Database
The database has selected 300 series of books with high literature value and edition value, including 10,000 titles of classics, and over 1.5 billion characters and 10 million pages.

The Complete Books of Taoism
It has collected 2,000 titles of classics about Taoism.

Dunhuang Documents Database
It has collected 3,000 pieces of Chinese document scattered in Britain, France, Russia, and so on.

Supplements to the Twenty-five Histories
It has collected 500 titles of works before 1921, which supplement the Twenty-five Histories.

Ming and Qing Historiography
It contains Ming Historiography and Qing Historiography. Ming Historiography collects 14 titles (2,923 volumes) of historical information about different emperors in Ming Dynasty, while Qing Historiography collects 12 titles (4,433 volumes) of historical information about different emperors in Qing Dynasty.

Chinese Chronicles Database
It has collected about 10,000 titles of chronicles from Han and Wei Dynasties to the Republic of China, totaling more than 2 billion characters and 10 million pages.

Quan Si Ku
Quan Si Ku is divided into 4 parts, collecting 9,000 titles of classics in all from Qin Dynasty to Qinglong Emperor of Qing Dynasty. The 4 parts contain 3,460 titles, 4,752 titles, 621 titles and 167 titles of classics respectively. Among of them, there are 33 Song editions, 34 Yuan editions, 2,712 Ming editions, 2,699 Qing editions, 52 Minguo editions, 12 foreign editions, and 3,458 Si Ku editions.

NLC Digitalized Chinese Books Database
It has collected more than 170,000 titles of books, covering each discipline for online reading.

Minguo Books
The database has had 15,028 titles of full-text image resources of Minguo Books. Readers can access to those resources via Internet.
Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO)
This database mainly collects books, periodicals, newspapers, archives, manuscripts, photos, maps, letters, etc. in the 19th century. At present, there are four theme collections: "British politics and society" collects original materials related to the political climate of Great Britain in the 19th century, with a total of more than 1.7 million pages; "Asia and the West: diplomatic and cultural exchanges" collects original materials on international relations between Asia and the West in the 19th century, with a total of more than 2 million pages; "British drama, music and literature: high culture and mass culture" collects the original materials of British drama, music and literature related to the Victorian era, with more than 1 million pages; "European Literature, 1790-1840: the Corvey Collection" contains more than 9,500 full-text works in English, French and German, and all are from the collections of Covey Castle in Victor Amadeus Library, with more than 5.2 million pages.

Arabic E-Books
The 1st collection: Modern Egyptian Collections
The database has collected about 7,000 titles of Arabic E-Books, including Modern Egyptian Collections and Modern Arab Renaissance Collections, which cover all types of literature works. Works in the database are divided into 29 thematic categories.

Arabic E-Books
The 2nd collection: Modern Arab Renaissance Collections
The database has collected about 7,000 titles of Arabic E-Books, including Modern Egyptian Collections and Modern Arab Renaissance Collections, which cover all types of literature works. Works in the database are divided into 29 thematic categories.

Early American Imprints
Series I (1639-1800)
EAI is one of the sub-databases of Archive of Americans. EAI, EEBO and ECCO are considered as three historical E-books databases. EAI has collected 74,000 titles of books published in America from 1639 to 1839.

Early American Imprints
Series II (1801-1819)
EAI is one of the sub-databases of Archive of Americans. EAI, EEBO and ECCO are considered as three historical E-books databases. EAI has collected 74,000 titles of books published in America from 1639 to 1839.

Emerald Ebook Series
Emerald has published more than 2,000 volumes of books in humanities and social sciences. Among of them, more than 600 series books had electronic version. Readers can conveniently search and browse each chapter through Emerald platform. Emerald E-series books had Business Administration and Economics and Social Sciences, containing more than 100 thematic categories.

(Eighteenth Century Collections Online, ECCO I, ECCO II)
The database collects works from Britain, America and other counties in 18th century, covering history, geography, law, literature, linguistics, social sciences, arts, medical science and reference books. In addition to the famous works of the 18th century, there are also the famous contemporary books commenting on the famous works. The original materials are from the British Library, Oxford University, Harvard University, Cambridge University, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Ireland and the Library of Congress. Among them, ECCO I collects 138,000 titles of documents, while ECCOⅡ increases 50,000 titles of documents based on ECCOⅠ.

Early English Books Online (ProQuest)
EEBO collects the entire currently existing English publications during 1473-1700, including over 125,000 volumes of publications, with 22.5 million pages of e-images.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Gale Virtual Reference Library is the biggest virtual reference books database in the world, collecting more than 2,400 titles of reference books, with over 2.77 million articles. Each article is in HTML format and PDF format, providing universal Citation information in the world. The articles from reference books published by Elsevier, Springer, John Wiley, SAGE, and so on, can be translated into 8 languages, including Chinese. The NLC has subscribed 1,653 virtual reference books, covering 17 subjects, including science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, humanities, etc. Appendix: Book List.

KluwerLaw Online
The database has collected 21 titles of academic periodicals on law, including law theory, constitution, administrative law, civil law, intellectual property, criminal law, procedural law, economic law, financial law, international (trade) law, comparative law, environmental law, tax law, legal practice, and so on.
List of periodicals

The Making of the Modern World
MOMW collects 61,000 titles of economics and business publications of over 12 million pages in 1450-1859, from the Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature. The collection covers business, finance, social environment, politics, trade, transportation and other fields.

The Making of Modern Law
MOML collects 22,000 titles of all the British and American publications in law since 1800, totaling more than 10.6 million pages. The database covers 99 fields in law, related to all aspects of the Anglo-American legal systems.
ProQuest Ebook Central E-book
The NLC has subscribed more than 6,200 volumes of E-books from this platform, covering social sciences, law, education, psychology, philosophy, politics, literature, arts, science, engineering, and so on.
Appendix: manual

NetLibrary E-books
NetLibrary is the earliest E-books producer and provider in the world, having more than 180,000 titles of E-books in western languages from 775 publishing houses, covering all categories and all subjects. Over 20,000 titles are increased yearly. The NLC has subscribed 2,114 titles of E-book from NetLibrary. Besides, 3,461 titles of copyright-free E-books can be access online free of charge. Readers can browse all subscribed books by clicking "eBooks", while browse all free books by clicking "Publicly-Accessible eBooks".

Wiley Online Library
The database has collected about 10,000 titles of monographs, manuals, dictionaries, reference books, and series books, which mainly cover chemistry, bioscience, physics, humanities, electronic & electrical engineering, mathematics, and statistics. The NLC has subscribed 2,195 titles of E-books from Wiley Online Library.
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