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Ms. Chen Ying

Chen Ying, Hui nationality, born in Beijing in April, 1968, is a member of CPC. She successively studied at the Department of Chinese Literature of Shaanxi Normal University and the Department of Drama Literature of the Central Academy of Drama and finally won the M.A. degree. Since 1991, she successively worked at the Mass Culture Department, Art Department and Culture Technology Department of the Ministry of Culture and served as assistant consultant and deputy office director of Drama Division of Art Department as well as head and office director of Technology Division of Culture Technology Department. In January, 2014, she took the position of vice president of China National Peking Opera Company. In December, 2017, she was appointed as Deputy Director of the National Library of China. She was concurrently appointed Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and Director of the NLC Discipline Inspection Commission in November 2018. She was appointed Secretary of CPC Committee of the NLC and Deputy Director of the NLC in November 2022.   

When working at the Ministry of Culture, she participated in the organizing of significant art events, including China Arts Festival, Splendor Award, Innovation Award, China Peking Opera Art Festival and National New Drama Performance, National Key Technology R&D Program, National Culture Technology Promotion Program, and National Cultural Innovation Project. When working at the China National Peking Opera Company, she served as Executive Director of a dozen of the newly created Peking opera programs, including Xi'an Incident, Daughter of the CPC, Fu Sheng, the reproduction of Tale of the White Snake, The Third Attack on the Zhu Family Manor (San Da Zhujiazhuang) and Xie Yaohuan; she also served as Associate Editor of the oral history program Unforgettable Memory.

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