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YALE Classic Cinema Database
The YALE Classic Cinema Database is a multimedia VOD system which supplies HD videos with a streaming date rate of 1.5 M, including films and TV series made in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and America. It has nearly 5,000 episodes/series in total.
New Oriental Multimedia Learning Library
Based on the training resources and teachers' instruction of New Oriental, Koolearn designed the high-quality online course series "New Oriental Multimedia Learning Library." Koolearn contains over 400 high-quality English and non-English courses including exams to study abroad, diploma tests, English enhancement, vocational education, multilingual courses, etc.
Video Library
"Video Library" has introduced foreign education, teaching, and science programs of which include cutting-edge scientific technology, scientific phenomena and principles, beautiful natural scenery, ancient historical events... All the programs have English pronunciation and Chinese and English subtitles. The total length of special video series reaches 4,000 hours.
Kuke Digital Music Library
It includes three major channels namely the Music Library, Video Library, and Audio Books. The Music Library Channel has collected the world's classical music, national anthems, distinctive folk music, jazz, film music, etc. The music works were created by over 9,000 artists and played with over 100 instruments from the Middle Ages to modern times. There are over 500,000 different pieces of music in the collection. The Video Library Channel has collected 1,100 works including operas, concerts, dances, etc., the total length of which reaches 3,000 hours. The Audio Books Channel contains over 1,000 English books and Chinese poetry of the Tang and Song dynasties. The English books cover poetry masterpieces, novels, historical biographies, etc. All Chinese poems of from the Tang and Song Dynasties are dubbed by famous Chinese radio hosts. Other than the Kuke Theatre, all other resources can be enjoyed online.
Online Lecture Hall
The Online Lecture Hall contains 20 series of lectures and nearly 20,000 video reports involving science and engineering, economic management, Party and government administration, literature and history, medicine, agriculture and forestry, marketing, dialogues, military, employment and career choice, legal issues, physical fitness, character training, tourism geography, exploration and discovery, educational management, mental health, foreign language exams, national treasure files, and high-end summits.
Multimedia Resource Management System
The system has collected about 1,200 multimedia CDs of high request rate or utility value in our library. It supports CD retrieval and browsing, content reading, and the integration of CD-related resources. In addition, it can link to the Founder e-books our library has purchased and download relevant tools. If you want to read any disc, please locally install the virtual driver software.
Wenjin Forum Online Lecture Video Database
This is an academic and cultural lecture series the National Library of China provides the public on weekends, covering various fields such as literature, history, philosophy, art, and architecture. It has nearly 400 video records which will be increased and updated continuously.
Wanfang Video Database
This is a video service system mainly covering science and technology, education, and culture. It contains 3,241 programs, the total length of which reaches 41,747 minutes. It uses the form of combining video images, pictures, and text. The software platform adopts multiple technical means including HD video technology, open downloading, FLV streaming media, digital copyright certification, etc.
Audio-Visual Digital Resources Database
This database contains 515,889 different audio resources and 53,305 hours of video resources. Its content covers various subject areas such as politics, economy, culture, education, industry, agriculture, and medicine. Users can enjoy the resources in the reading room or through the VOD system on the LAN.
Video-on-Demand Platform
It has video resources including Chinese and foreign classic films, the art world, entertainment life, world attractions etc. and audio resources including Chinese and foreign classic music, and much more. You can enjoy them on the LAN of the NLC Information Commons. Our hotline is: 88545960.
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