"International Progress of Libraries: Global Knowledge Sharing" will be held on 9 September
Broadcast Dates of History of NLC
Serial Lectures on Stories of Library Collections 5: On Yang Shi Lei Architectural Archives
•  The Symposium on International Progress of Libraries: Global Knowledge Sharing is Held in NLC
•  Photos of the Celebration Ceremony for the 100th Anniversary of National Library of China
•  Senior Chinese leader stresses library services in urban, rural areas
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Special collection is the collections accumulated for a long period of time in the library with certain scope in terms of particular document resource…
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On 9 September 1909, government of Qing Dynasty authorized preparations for constructing the Metropolitan Library (the predecessor of National Library of China)…
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On the occasion of centennial of the National Library of China, the Symposium on "International Progress of Libraries: Global Knowledge Sharing" will be held in the National Library of China on September 8-12, 2009.   

The National Library of China will celebrate the centennial anniversary of its establishment on 9 September 1909. The Symposium on "Collection Development, Research and Service on Chinese Studies" will be held in the National Library of China on September 7-10, 2009.
National Digital Library Project is one of the important cultural facilities during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period. With overall planning, demand promotion, technological innovation, and rolling development as the guiding principles, this project adheres to the following principles, i.e. public welfare as priority, resource development as core, uniform standard specification, open development and interests sharing, and combining self-development with adoption.
A Letter from Claudia Lux, IFLA President (2007-2009)
A Letter from president of Asia-Pactific group,CENGAGE Learning
A Letter from Netherlands ISSN Center
A variety of programmes are displayed in the Eighth NLC Arts Festival, expressing deep wishes for the NLC…
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